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Corporate Profile 

Domestic Office

Head Office

2-16-4 Honcho Kokubunji-City

Tokyo,185-0012, Japan

Branch Office 551-1 Kaizuka-cho Wakaba-ku ,Chiba-city,
Chiba Prefecture 264-0023, Japan
Other Office Nerima Office
Kodaira Office
Higashi Yamato Office
Toride Office
Ichihara Office
Mobara Office

Overseas Office

Liaison Office

219 Ground Floor, 37th street Upper Block Kyautada township

Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar




Overseas Partners

QBP Myanmar Pte., Ltd.

Yangon,Republic of the Union of Myanmar


Bangkok Shuho Intertrading Biz Co.,Ltd.





Kunming Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.


HONJIA International Design Co.,Ltd.


Business Partner Wanted

  We are currently seeking for business partner(s) who can work and grow together with us collaboratively in order to solidify the plan to expand our business in South East Asia.

  We are especially keen to work with local companies which are involved in construction, real estate, other construction-related business, and are also interested in learning the advanced technology/know-how of the developed countries as well as our unique experiences in city developments as a Japanese construction consultant in the following areas.

Business expansion in South East Asia

  We have been in a business of “integrated consultancy on construction” for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on multilevel coordination among various areas of specialties/disciplines such as City planning, civil engineering/design, environmental engineering as well as real estate, and that becoming a one-stop consultancy by internalizing all the services has been our core value.

  As the economic growth of developed counties are becoming more uncertain, we, having our 35th anniversary, have established International Business Division aiming for further development and innovation of our business at the global scale.

  It is our aim to get involved in projects related to city development, infrastructure, environmental issues, as well as medical/welfare especially in countries in South East Asia where the economy has been growing rapidly. We are also interested in partnering with Japanese companies which are already expending businesses in the region as well as to support their projects.

  We hope in the future that we build a global network in the region, and contribute to the further growth in overall Asia by actively facilitating the exchange of technology/know-how and manpower/talents through advanced technology and expertise/experiences we have.


Business  Contents

CET.Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive consulting company providing one-stop service for architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, real estate, environmental design. We have been providing appropriate services for needs of customers with sustainable design and conservation of global environments as the base of our philosophy.

City Planning

Architectural Design

Civil Design

Landscape Design

Real estate

Environmetal Engineering

About CET

Establishment Date November   1st  ,  1979

Chief Executive Officer  Tetsuo Yokomichi

Chief Operating Officer  Toshiyuki Kamiya

Capital 30million yen
Business Registration First class Architect office  registration No. 22657 by Governor of Tokyo
Construction Consultant registration Ken-19 No.5933
Address 2-16-4 Honcho Kokubunji-City ,Tokyo ,185-0012,Japan
Phone Number +81-42-324-0724
Fax Number +81-42-325-0645